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The book just wraps itself around you.

– The New York Times

Honest and powerful…a real accomplishment.

– Atlanta Journal Constitution

A strong new voice…. As you approach the last pages, you think: ‘Oh no, it can’t end. I’m not finished with these people yet.’

– San Francisco Chronicle

A sweet and tender novel…. Like Carson McCullers and Flannery O’Connor, Sayers writes with compassion of lonely characters whose lives are slightly off center.

– Savannah News Press

One of those beautifully realized novels that takes over the reader’s life.

– Chicago Tribune

A remarkable first novel. Delightful. Extraordinary.

– Dallas Times Herald

A striking first novel by a young Southern writer, Due East presents coming of age with a refreshing realism.

– Library Journal

Immediately appealing.

– Kirkus

A winning debut.

– Ms.

Rivets the reader…. wryly funny and sorrowful…marvelous.

– Kansas City Star

Marks the arrival of a true writer.

– Publishers Weekly

An important new writing talent…. a substantial literary artist-in-the-making.

– The State

Funny, touching without being in the least sentimental, and pleasingly written.

– The Times (London)

Clear, astringent prose.

– Times Literary Supplement (London)

A novel to savour.

– Books (London)

At once richly realistic and a bricolage of religious allusions after the manner of many other Southern writers…. a good story and good literature.

– Commonweal