Spirit of Notre Dame
Its History, Legends and Lore / by Dorothy V. Corson

That Unconquerable Spirit

Dare to express, what you see,
In your own unique self.
Don't let your latent talents
Gather dust on the shelf.

He who dares to be different
Exhibits the spirit of adventure.
Aware of society’s curious staring,
Yet not really caring,
He seeks his unpredictable destiny
With style and daring.

With steadfast courage
And head unbowed,
His relentless spirit
Rises above the crowd.

Restless and impatient
With life’s daily monotony,
He pursues his quest
To escape mediocrity.

Intestinal fortitude is missing now.
Our heritage we pawn
And in complacency we yawn.
Today, it’s a well known fact,
That too many of us lack,
What this country was founded on.

Our forefathers possessed it
And with this country blessed it.
How many of us
Will ever come near it,
Reach for and find
That Unconquerable Spirit?


To: “Wild Bill”