ECON 40447 Health Economics

Fall 2009



·         For the week of September 21

o   For Monday the 21st, please read the text on expected utility from Nicholson

o   For Wednesday the 23rd, please read Rotschild and Stiglitz.

·         For the week of September 14

o   Please read the articles on the economics of obesity

o   On Monday the 14th, we will discuss the economic control of poor health

o   On Wednesday the 16th, we will start the discussion of the obesity papers

·         For the week of September 7th

o   Practice problem set 1 is available

o   For Monday, please read the Gruber text on Pigouvian taxes

o   For Wednesday, please read the four articles on “Do smokers and drinkers pay their way.”

·         For the week of August 31, 2009

o   For Monday, please read McKeown, Fogel, Cutler and Miller and download the lecture notes for “Difference-in-Difference Models” and “Rise of Health from a Historical Perspective”

o   For Wednesday, read the articles about the Modern Correlates of Health” and download the lecture notes

o   The first ste of précis are due this week

o   Sign up for next week’s précis assignments

·         For the first day of class, August 26

o   Please download the syllabus

o   Download the lecture notes (in power point handout mode) for “What is health economics?”

o   Check out the first writing assignment under the “assignments” tab on the class web page