Course:  Partial Differential Equations
Course code:
Math 60650
Instructor:  Yongtao Zhang

E-mailyzhang10 AT nd DOT edu
Office location: HAYE 242
Office phone: (574) 631-6079 
Office hours: Mon Wed & Fri  10:00am-11:00am, or by appointment
Meeting time and place: Mon Wed & Fri  12:50pm-1:40pm, DBRT 232 (Lecture)
Textbook: 1. Partial Differential Equations, by L.C. Evans, ISBN: 0-8218-0772-2, 1998.
                 2. Numerical solution of time-dependent advection-diffusion-reaction equations, by W. Hundsdorfer and J. Verwer,
                     ISBN:  3-540-03440-4, 2003.

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