Semester: Fall 2014
Numerical Analysis I
Course code:
ACMS 60690
Instructor:  Yongtao Zhang

E-mailyzhang10 AT nd DOT edu
Office location: Hurley 176
Office phone: (574) 631-6079 
Office hours:  3pm - 4pm, Tuesdays, or please send me an email for an
Meeting time and place: Mon Wed & Fri 10:30am-11:20am, Pasquerilla Center 105 (Lecture)

[1] Numerical Analysis: Mathematics of Scientific Computing, Third Edition, by David Kincaid and Ward Cheney, Brooks/Cole, ISBN: 0-534-38905-8, 2002. (The 2009 version published by the American Mathematical Society with ISBN 978-0-8218-4788-6 is the same.)
[2] Finite Difference Schemes and Partial Differential Equations, Second Edition, by John C. Strikwerda, SIAM, 2004, ISBN: 978-0-898716-39-9.
[3] Finite Difference Methods for Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, by Randall J. LeVeque, SIAM, 2007, ISBN: 978-0-898716-29-0.
[4] J. Stoer, and R. Bulirsch, Introduction to Numerical Analysis, Springer, 2002.
[5] L. N. Trefethen, and D. Bau, Numerical Linear Algebra, SIAM, 1997.
[6] C.-W. Shu, Essentially Non-Oscillatory and Weighted Essentially Non-Oscillatory Schemes for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws, in Advanced Numerical Approximation of Nonlinear Hyperbolic Equations, B. Cockburn, C. Johnson, C.-W. Shu and E. Tadmor (Editor: A. Quarteroni), Lecture Notes in Mathematics, volume 1697, Springer, 1998.

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