Chapter 4


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Fischer convention for assigning the enantiomers of glyceraldehyde

Configuration of L-glyceraldehyde and L-a-amino acids

The structural formula of L-glyceraldehyde

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Greek lettering scheme used to identify the atoms in the glutamyl and lysyl sidechains

Structure of cystine: redox chemistry

Titration curve of glycine

Amino acid analysis via HPLC

Condensation of two a-amino acids to form a dipeptide

Structure of the tetrapeptide, Ala-Tyr-Asp-Gly

Titration curves of ribonuclease A at 25 °C

Views of ethanol: prochirality

Uncommon amino acids that are components of certain proteins

Biologically produced derivatives of “standard” amino acids and amino acids that are not components of proteins

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Enantiomers of fluorochlorobromomethane

General structural formula for a-amino acids

Zwitterionic form of the a-amino acids that occur at physiological pH values

The structural formula of L-alanine

“CORN crib” mnemonic for the “handedness” of L-amino acids

Fischer projections of L-threonine stereoisomers

Newman projections of the stereoisomers of threonine and isoleucine derived from proteins

Schematic diagram of a polarimeter

Structure of phenylalanine: ball-and-stick representation

Structure of phenylalanine: space-filling representation

Views of acetaldehyde: re and si faces

The three stereoisomers of cystine

Author: Anthony S. Serianni

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