Chapter 6


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Use of dialysis to separate small and large molecules

Gel filtration chromatography

Molecular mass determination by gel filtration chromatography

Some commonly used gel filtration materials

Ion-exchange chromatography with stepwise elution

Device for generating a linear concentration gradient

Molecular formulas of cellulose-based ion exchangers

Some biochemically useful ion exchangers

Affinity chromatography

Covalent linking of ligand to agarose

Derivatization of epoxy-activated agarose

Purification of staphylococcal nuclease by affinity chromatography on bisphosphothymidine-linked agarose

Experimental arrangement for paper chromatography

Two-dimensional paper chromatography

Paper electrophoresis

Apparatus for slab gel electrophoresis

Diagram of a disc electrophoresis apparatus

Polymerization of acrylamide and N,Ną-methylenebisacrylamide to form a cross-linked polyacryl-amide gel


Logarithmic relationship between the molecular mass of a protein and its relative electrophoretic mobility in SDS-PAGE

General formula of the ampholytes used in isoelectric focusing

Isoelectric points of several common proteins

Purification of rat liver glucokinase

PPT Slide

An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)

Solubilities of several proteins in ammonium sulfate solutions

Solubility of caboxy-hemoglobin at is isoelectric point as a function of ionic strength and ion type

Solubility of b-lactoglobin as a function of pH at several NaCl concentrations

Protein crystals

Agarose gel electrophoretogram of a double helical DNA

Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) of a set of different sized bacteriophage DNAs

Detection of proteins by immunoblotting

Two-dimensional (2D) gel electrophoresis

Sedimentation coefficients in Svedbergs (S) for some biological materials

A selection of preparative ultracentrifuge rotors

Zonal ultracentrifugation

Equilibrium density distribution of a CsCl solution in an ultracentrifuge spinning at 39,460 rpm

Isopycnic ultracentrifugation

Physical constants of some proteins

Author: Anthony S. Serianni

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