Course Overview

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous due to the increased Internet accessibility, rapid growth in computing power, increased energy-efficiency of computing devices, advances in human-computer interfaces, and low cost of hardware. Further, devices that used to provide very specific (and limited) services (such as phones) have turned into general-purpose computing devices that can be programmed by anybody (smartphones). This course explores various challenges and opportunities of mobile computing, including topics such as wireless network protocols and standards, location awareness, sensing, user interfaces, application development, and security/privacy concerns.

The course will offer significant hands-on experience, i.e., students will work in small groups on smartphone applications and systems. Students in this class will automatically participate in an "Innovation Challenge" program sponsored by Schurz Communications Inc. (SCI), which includes cash prizes for the most promising ideas and concepts. An announcement of this partnership between Notre Dame and SCI can be found here. Toward this end, students will be asked to propose project ideas that focus on digital media, advertising, etc., and SCI will provide access to their expertise and data.

Course Information:

  • Instructor: Christian Poellabauer
  • - Office hours: M9.30-10.30 & W11.30-12.30
  • - Office: 325D Cushing Hall
  • - Email:

  • TAs: Salvador Aguinaga, Nikhil Yadav
  • - Office hours: Tue 2-3 & Thu 12-1 (Sal);
    Mon 2-3 & Wed 3-4 (Nikhil)
  • - Location: 212 Cushing Hall
  • - Email:,

  • Class location: O'Shaughnessy 118
  • Lecture times: MWF 10.40-11.30am

News Items:

- The fourth homework assignment is now available!
- The third homework assignment is now available!
- The mid term project report template is now available!
- The second homework assignment is now available!
- The first homework assignment is now available!
- The project directories on the wiki can be found here.
- The project proposal template is now available! (Download here)
- The RSS feeds and API description provided by SCI is now available! (Download here)