Introduction to Compilers and Language Design

A free online textbook by Douglas Thain

A compiler translates a program written in a high level language into a program written in a lower level language. For students of computer science, building a compiler from scratch is a rite of passage: a challenging and fun project that offers insight into many different aspects of computer science, some deeply theoretical, and others highly practical.

This book offers a one semester introduction into compiler construction, enabling the reader to build a simple compiler that accepts a C-like language and translates it into working X86 or ARM assembly language. It is most suitable for undergraduate students who have some experience programming in C, and have taken courses in data structures and computer architecture.

This is a free online textbook: you are welcome to access the chapter PDFs directly below. If you prefer to hold a real book, you can also purchase a hardcover or paperback below. The textbook and materials have been developed by Prof. Douglas Thain as part of the CSE 40243 compilers class at the University of Notre Dame. Join our mailing list to receive occasional announcements of new editions and other updates.

Book Cover (2nd edition)

Douglas Thain,
Introduction to Compilers and Language Design,
2nd edition, 2020. (Revision Date: January 15, 2021)

Paperback ISBN: 979-8-655-18026-0

Book Cover (1st edition)

Douglas Thain,
Introduction to Compilers and Language Design,
1st edition, 2019.

Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-359-13804-3
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-359-14283-5

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Introduction to Compilers and Language Design
Second Edition

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Chapter 0 Front Matter
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 A Quick Tour
Chapter 3 Scanning
Chapter 4 Parsing
Chapter 5 Parsing in Practice
Chapter 6 The Abstract Syntax Tree
Chapter 7 Semantic Analysis
Chapter 8 Intermediate Representation
Chapter 9 Memory Organization
Chapter 10 Assembly Language
Chapter 11 Code Generation
Chapter 12 Optimization
Appendix A Sample Course Project
Appendix B The B-Minor Language
Appendix C Coding Conventions
Code Resources. The compilerbook-examples github repository contains additional resources that correspond to the book, including several scanners and parsers, a starter code structure for the project compiler, and sample test cases for each stage of the scanner, parser, typechecker, and code generator.
Errata. Found a typo or mistake? Please send an email to the author dthain at nd dot edu with the title "Compiler Book Errata" and I'll be happy to correct it and acknowledge you in the next edition.