My research focuses on
(1) Bayesian Nonparametrics; Bayesian asymptotics;
(2) Geometry & Statistics: Statistics on Manifolds;
(3) Geometric Deep Learning; Deep Learning on Manifolds and Graphs;
(4) Big Data Analysis; High-dimensional Data Analysis;
(5) Network Analysis; Large Sample Theory for Networks;
(6) Complexity theory and mixing rates for MCMCs and geometric MCMCs;

For applied research, I have been collaborating with Dr. Dong Quan Nguyen in employing geometric and topological data analysis frameworks by using tools from algebraic topology, chaos dynamics and fractals for persistent homology analysis of networks, DNA sequences, gene expressions, and proteins with applications in infectious disease analysis, evolutionary studies of species and classification/clustering cancer types. Some of our papers are listed below:
(1). Nguyen et al. (2021). A topological approach to DNA similarity analysis from 5-dimensional representation.pdf
(2). Nguyen et al. (2021). A topological characterization of DNA sequences based on chaos geometry and persistent homology

Curriculum Vitae

TGS lab with Prof. Nguyen


Office: 203A Crowley Hall
Email: lizhen.lin@nd.edu