Richard Williams, Notre Dame Sociology

Stata User-Written programs

Richard Williams


This directory contains BETA releases of Stata programs being tested and developed by Richard Williams. Stata users are welcome to try these out but there is no guarantee of their accuracy. If you have comments, please send them to


Programs Currently Available

combchi -- combine chi-squares from multiple imputations

fracglm -- fractional response models

fracivp -- fractional response ivprobit models

predict_ldm -- corrected predictions after Linear Probability Model

If a program that used to be on here has disappeared, it is probably because I have either officially released it on SSC or have given up all hope for it.


Best Way to Install

From within Stata, you should type

net from

You can then install programs you want from there.


Alternative Ways of Installing

Older versions of Stata sometimes have trouble installing from sites that use https: If yours is one them, you can download the following files. You will be responsible for placing the files in locations where Stata can find them. DO NOT USE THIS APPROACH IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO BECAUSE YOU MAY MAKE MISTAKES.

combchi.ado and comchi.hlp