Math 690, Fall 2009

Hayes Healy 229: T&TH 9:30-10:45

Information on grading, tests, homework, etc.  

Course Syllabus


Instructor: Andrew Sommese (Hurley 291).



Office Hours: Open Door

Exam Schedule

Exam 1: Take home test, Due October 6.
Exam 2: Take home test, Due November 24.
Final: Take home test, Due December 14, 10:30AM.


Homework Assignments  


Homework Answers  



RungeFunction.doc:  Illustrating the Runge phenomena

NewtonCotesFormulae.doc: Newton-Cotes Formulae

integrationComparison.doc: Illustrating the composite trapezoid rule and Simpson’s rule

GaussianInt.doc:  Illustrating Gaussian Integration.

rungeErrorControl.doc:  Answers to Problems 3.1 and 3.2.

Hmwk4.doc:  Answers to Problems 4.1 and 4.2.

Newton.doc:  Newton’s Method.

Newton2D.doc:  Newton’s method and an example of Griewank.

test1Answers.pdf:  Answers to problems from the first test.

Homework6Ans.doc:  Answers to Problem 6.1.

ODE.doc:  Euler method and Richardson approximation.

Hmwk7.doc:  Answers to Problem 7.1.

FiniteDifference.doc:  Worksheet on Finite Difference & Richardson Extrapolation.
Homework9Ans.doc:  Answers to Problem 9.1.
test2Answers.doc:  Answers to problems from the second test.






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