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Practices on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9:00

Moderation Tips

A.) If you come across unfamiliar words, don't panic. Just push through them.

B.) If you don't know whether to accept an answer, count it wrong.

C.)If they only give you part of the underlined portion of the answer, prompt (Unless it is a title - then it is wrong).

D.) If a team disagrees with your ruling, make a note of it. If it matter to the game result, then go to whoever's in charge, have them handle it.

E.) If the other team concedes the point, then the protesting team is probably right, and you should give them the points.

F.) If someone is obviously not a native English speaker, and they give an answer in their language that you aren't sure is right, then ask if they can give an English translation, and if not, neg them. However, if at the end of the question they're indignant (because their title was correct), then they're probably correct (See: Double Z on anything Chinese).

G.) A player has 5 seconds to give an answer after they buzz. However, if you call time, and they say they were just waiting to be recognized, then let them answer.

H.) Keep the game moving - games should take ~30 minutes, and certainly no longer than 40. Thus, do not comment on the questions, and do not allow the players to comment on the questions (except at halfway).