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University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

Robert P. Balles is a retired California Community College mathematics professor, retired businessman, and private investor. His mission is to recognize and reward the most outstanding mathematics majors entering their senior year at the University of Notre Dame.


Robert P. Balles Honors Program
Mathematics Scholars

Robert P. Balles Distinguished
Mathematics Scholars
2005-2006 Tim Stawicki  
2006-2007 Stephen Atwood  
2007-2008 Adam Boocher 2007-2008 Julie Lederer
2008-2009 Andrew Manion 2008-2009 Thomas Rehagen
2009-2010 Eric Riedl 2009-2010 Jack Enyeart
2010-2011 John Pardo 2010-2011 Michelle Maurin
2011-2012 Daniel Corey 2011-2012 Kevin Grady
2012-2013 Vikram Saraph 2012-2013 Kevin Kelly
2013-2014 Jonathan Sheperd 2013-2014 John Brahier
2014-2015 Jacob Haley 2014-2015 Andrew Baglini
2015-2016 Jonathan Vandenburgh 2015-2016 EunSeuk Choi
2016-2017 Christian Gorski 2016-2017 Benjamin Cote
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