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William N. Evans, Melinda S. Morrill, and Stephen T. Parente, “Measuring Inappropriate Medical Diagnosis and Treatment in Survey Data:  The Case of ADHD Among School-Age Children.” Journal of Health Economics, 2010, 657-673.

William N. Evans and Timothy J. Moore, “The Short-Term Mortality Consequences of Income Receipt.” Journal of Public Economics, 2011, 1410-1424.

William N Evans and Craig Garthwaite, “Estimating Heterogeneity in the Benefits of Medical Treatment Intensity.” Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming.

William N. Evans and Timothy Moore, “Liquidity, Economic Activity, Mortality.” Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming.

Sean Corcoran and William N. Evans, “Income Inequality, the Median Voter, and Support for Public Education.” Revised September 2011.  Resubmitted to Journal of Public Economics.

Javier Espinosa and William N. Evans, “Excise Taxes, Tax Incidence and the Flight to Quality:  Evidence from Scanner Data.”  September 2011.

Julian P. Cristia, William N. Evans, and Beomsoo Kim.  “Does Contracting-out Primary Care Services Work?  The Case of Rural Guatemala.”  August 2011.

William N. Evans and Craig Garthwaite. “Giving Mom a Break:  The Impact of Higher EITC Payments on Maternal Health.”  October 2011.  Being revised for resubmission to American Economic Journal:  Economic Policy.

Javier Espinosa and William N. Evans, “Maternal bereavement: the heightened mortality of mothers after the death of a child.”  December 2011.  Resubmitted to Economics and Human Biology.

William N. Evans and Woo Young Kim, “The Impact of Local Labor Market Conditions on the Demand for Education:  Evidence from Indian Casinos.”  June 2008










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