Alfred J. Freddoso
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
John and Jean Oesterle Professor Emeritus of Thomistic Studies
University of Notre Dame

Course Lecture Notes and Handouts

Deacon Aspirant Introduction to Philosophy

Phil 10101/20101 (formerly Phil 101/201):  Introduction to Philosophy

Phil 180I:  Philosophy University Seminar

Phil 264:  Faith and Reason

Phil 265:  Philosophical Reflections on Christian Belief

Phil 30301(formerly Phil 301): Ancient and Medieval Philosophy:
Lecture Outlines
Course Handouts

Phil 405:  Aquinas on Love and Justice

Phil 43086 (formerly Phil 417):  Aquinas on God

Phil 43140 (formerly Phil 406/572):  The Ethics of Thomas Aquinas

Phil 43144 (formerly Phil 450): Aquinas on Angels

Phil 43148:  Aquinas on Virtue and Law

Phil 43150:  Aquinas on Creation

Phil 43151:  Aquinas on Human Nature

Phil 43165:  Aquinas on Faith, Hope, and Charity

Phil 43801:  Joint Seminar on Joseph Ratzinger

Phil 43801:  Joint Seminar on Augustine

Phil 43811 (formerly Phil 421E): Chesterton

Phil 439:  Faith and Reason

Phil 453: Aquinas on the Cardinal Virtues

Phil 527: Aquinas and Suarez on Creation

Phil 618: Suarez on Individuation and Causality

Phil 655: Causality

Summer 2010 Seminar at University of St. Thomas in Houston