Alfred J. Freddoso
Professor of Philosophy
John and Jean Oesterle Professor of Thomistic Studies
University of Notre Dame


New English Translation of St. Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologiae (Summa Theologica)

by Alfred J. Freddoso
University of Notre Dame

I am presently embarked on the admittedly foolhardy project of translating the whole of the Summa Theologiae for St. Augustine's Press. Will I ever finish? Well, at least I have started. As I fashion penultimate drafts of the various questions, I will make them available here in .pdf format. I will constantly be making unannounced revisions to these files. But the latest versions are those available here on any given day.

So far I have translated, from Part 1, all the questions on God, on general issues concerning creation, and on angels, along with the material on the six days of creation. In the spring and summer of 2008 I will be working on the material on human nature, qq. 75-102, and I will try to finish Part I by the end of the year.

In addition, I have translated the Treatise on Law, questions 90-108 of Part 1-2, as a contribution to the St. Thomas Education Project (STEP), a project of Thomas International under the direction of Fulvio Di Blasi and partially funded by the European Commission of the European Union. STEP will feature Latin, English, Italian, Spanish, and Hungarian versions of the Treatise on Law.

Comments are welcome, no matter what their nature. (But try to take it easy on my fragile ego, ok?) I will not be able to respond to all comments, but I will take them all into account.


Prima Pars (Part 1)

Prima-Secundae (Part 1-2)
Secunda-Secundae (Part 2-2)
Tertia Pars (Part 3)