Handouts--Phil 43144

Aquinas on Angels

Outline of Summa Theologiae 1 (Prima Pars)
Outline of Summa Theologiae 1-2 (Prima Secundae)
Outline of Summa Theologiae 2-2 (Secunda Secundae)
Outline of Summa Theologiae 3 (Tertia Pars)

Material to be read before course begins

Notes on Aristotle (from Phil 30301)

Supplemental Texts

Summa Theologiae, Part 1, Question 1

Translation of Dionysius the Areopagite,
De Caelesti Hierarchia
(On the Celestial Hierarchy)

Other translated sources from St. Thomas
for the questions dealt with in this course

Translation of De Malo, q. 16, a. 3:
 Did the devil, in sinning, desire equality with God?

The Book of Tobit - Douay-Rheims Translation

Class Notes (to be added, we hope, as course goes on)

ST1, q. 1:  The Nature and Extent of Sacred Doctrine

ST1, qq. 50-64:  Treatise on Angelic Nature

ST1, qq. 2-13:  Treatise on God's Existence
and Nature (Via Remotionis)

ST1, qq. 106-114:  Treatise on Divine Governance:
The Role of Angels

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