New English Translation of St. Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologiae (Summa Theologica)

by Alfred J. Freddoso
John and Jean Oesterle Professor Emeritus of Thomistic Studies
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

University of Notre Dame

Dedicated to Debbie Collins-Freddoso (1949-2017)

Uxor tua sicut vitis abundans, in lateribus domus tuae

Pretiosa in conspectu Domini mors sanctorum eius

(updated May 17, 2023)
I am presently embarked on the admittedly foolhardy project of translating the whole of the Summa Theologiae. Will I ever finish? Well, at least I have started.  As I fashion the latest drafts of the various questions, I make them available here in .pdf format.  I am constantly making unannounced revisions to these files.  But the latest versions are those available here on any given day.

Part 1 and Part 1-2 are complete in a loose sense.  
That is to say, I'm constantly revising them as I re-read them.  A slightly earlier version of the Treatise on Law (Part 1-2, questions 90-108) came out in book form in 2009 from St. Augustine's Press (click here for the Amazon site). Likewise, a slightly earlier version of The Treatise on Human Nature (Part 1, questions 75-102) came out in book form in 2010 from St. Augustine's Press (click here for the Amazon site).

Comments are welcome, no matter what their nature.  At present I am especially interested in receiving comments on the treatises on everything in Part 2-2 from the treatise of prudence on, since I have not had the time to re-check the relevant questions for mistakes, typos, and the always-hard-to-detect omissions. I have already received a truly amazing number of corrections for this material, which I plan on incorporating into the translation as soon as I finish Part 2-2, within the next few weeks, I hope.

Prima Pars (Part 1)
Pars Prima-Secundae (Part 1-2)
Pars Secunda-Secundae (Part 2-2)
Tertia Pars (Part 3)