Quiz Information Math 10560

A Quiz will be given each week in Tutorials, in addition to a worksheet. Calculators will NOT be allowed on quizzes. The date and sections covered in each quiz are showm below.

There will be no make up quizzes. In the event that you miss a quiz, you must have appropriate documentation from the office of First Year of Studies in order to gain credit for the quiz. In the event that you have acceptable documentation, the average of your other quiz grades will be used to replace that of the missed quiz.

The grade for your tutorial will be 100 points out of a total of 600.

Calculators will NOT be allowed on quizzes given in tutorials


Quiz 1
Tue. Feb. 09
Sections 6.1, 6.2*
Quiz 2
Tue. Feb. 16
Sections 6.3*, 6.4*, 6.5
Day Before Exam 1
Tue. Feb. 23
Exam Review
No Tutorial
Tue. Mar. 02
Mini-Break, No Classes
Quiz 3
Tue. Mar. 09
Sections 7.8,11.1-11.4
Day Before Exam 2
Tue. Mar. 16
Exam Review
Quiz 4
Tue. Mar. 23
Sections 11.8, 11.9
Quiz 5
Tue. Mar. 31
Sections 11.8-11.11
Quiz 6
Tue. Apr. 06

Sections 7.2, 7.3

Exam 3
Tue. Apr. 13

Exam Day, No Tutorial

Quiz 7
Tue. Apr. 20

Sections 7.7, 8.1

Quiz 8
Tue. Apr. 27

Sections 9.2, 9.3

Exam 4
Tue. May. 04

Exam Day, No Tutorial, May the fourth be with you!

Tue. May 11
Exam Review



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