Auditions for the Notre Dame Chorale’s 2021-2022 season are now available in a virtual format. Interested students are encouraged to audition before arriving on campus. You can access the virtual audition at:

2021-22 Choral Auditions.

If you have never sung in a choir before, or never sung an audition, don’t worry! Many of the auditionees are in the same situation. Each choir has its own schedule, its own repertoire, and its own traditions. Members of the choirs will tell you that many students who now sing with confidence were inexperienced when they took their audition—but survived it. Looking back, they will assure you that, should you have a wish to sing in a fine college choir, you should audition for one, even if you are not sure of your ability. Many singers in the Notre Dame choirs form their closest friendships with other members of their ensemble. All in all, singing in one of the Notre Dame choirs may be among the best experiences of your college years.