May - July 2002

Chines are cut to 1" X 1.5" X 14' from a chunk of doug fir. Dry fitting to ensure chines lay flat in the chine grooves in the station molds.
Because of the complex bends in the chins, both up and in, especially aft of station #9, the orientation of grain is different for each chine. The reason for this is because if one breaks because of stress, the other most likely will not. (I think.) Chines laid in, glued and screwed at stem and transom. The inner stem is screwed to the stem brace. The chines are notched to allow the inner stem to nest between them.
A Japanese backsaw was used to cut the transom and stem ends of the chines. Very nice tool to have in the box!
Outer stem is dry fitted.
Transom is roughed out and dry fitted. Here you can sort of see the stress on the chines after station #9.