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HomLab: Homotopy Continuation Lab

Software for solving polynomial systems

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Positive Feedback

Use this box to tell us any positive comments. Some possible kinds of feedback are (check, if applicable):
  1. I published a result obtained using HomLab.
  2. HomLab helped me solve a practical problem.
  3. I've written an extension to HomLab that I'd like to tell you about.

Reporting a problem

Found a problem? Let us know. Use the checkboxes to help us react appropriately.
  1. I found a bug in HomLab.
  2. I found a bug in the Exercises.
  3. The HomLab webpages have a bug or broken link.
  4. HomLab is missing something promised in the book (Sommese & Wampler).
  5. I found a mistake in the book (Sommese & Wampler).


I'd like to make the following suggestion regarding HomLab.

Book Comments

I would like to make a comment about the book (Sommese & Wampler).


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