Econ/IIPS 504

This is a course for graduate students in Government, Sociology, Theology, Philosophy, Peace Studies, and History. It is an intensive study of micro and macro economic theory with applications to public finance, international trade, theories of justice, economic history, peace economics and other areas as required by the interests of students. The purpose of this course is to enable students to use the basic concepts and analytical methods of economics in analyzing policy issues. The student's primary responsibilities are to attend the lectures, to read the books, think about them, and using the lectures and books, to participate actively and intelligently in class discussions. Consequently, the student will get out of the course just about what he or she puts into it.
Reaction Papers
Review of microeconomic theory
Review of macroeconomic theory
Imperfect information paper
Midterm Examination
Midterm Examination Answer Key
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Resources for Economists on the Internet