CSE 40657/60657

Throughout the course, you will develop an application of NLP techniques to a topic of interest to you.


Due: 2021/02/12 at 5pm

For the first milestone, you will choose a problem to work on (and collaborator, if any). The deadline is intentionally set too early for you to know how to solve your problem. We just want to know what you're interested in! It is okay to change later on. Length guideline: ½–1 page per undergraduate, 1–2 pages per graduate. Grade: 30 points. Reasonable proposals get full credit, and the grader may allow you to fix problems and resubmit.

Please submit your idea in Gradescope.


Due: 2021/03/26 at 5pm

For the second milestone, you should have everything ready that you need to start experimenting with solutions to your problem. Describe what you've done so far. Length guideline: ½–1 page per undergraduate, 1–2 pages per graduate. Grade: 30 points.

For 95% of projects, this means that you must answer the following:

For a minority of projects, the above will not apply; please speak to Prof. Chiang about what to submit.

Please submit your work in Gradescope.


Due: Sign up for a presentation date

Your presentation should be no more than 5 minutes per person, plus 5 minutes per person for discussion. It is okay if some of the work presented isn’t finished yet. Presentation dates are scattered throughout the second half of the semester. If you choose an early date, you will get feedback that you can actually implement! Grade: 30 points, based on presentation quality rather than research results.

You should present:

After your presentation, please submit your slides in Gradescope.


Due: 2021/05/18 at 5pm

Length guideline: 2–4 pages per undergraduate student, 4–8 pages per graduate student. Grade: 60 points.

Please submit your report in Gradescope.