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Undocumented Migration and Religious Experience: A Theological Interpretation of the US/Mexican Border
Religious Experience and Contemporary Theological Epistemology
Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven, Belgium, November 7, 2003.

Strangers No Longer: Migration and Catholic Social Teaching
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Committee on Migration and Refugees
Las Cruces, New Mexico, November 2, 2003.

The Option for the Poor and Catholic Social Teaching
Mendoza College of Business
University of Notre Dame, October 30, 2003.

Theology and the Holocaust
Invited Symposium Participant, U.S. Holocaust Museum
Washington, DC, October 8-10, 2003.

Migrações, Novas Formas de Discriminação e Alternativas de Resistência dos Migrantes na America Latina
Conferencia sobre o Cristianismo na america Latina e no Caribe: Trajetorias, Diagnosticos, Prospectivas
Pontificia Universidade Catolica (PUC-SP), Faculdades Batista
Sao Paulo, Brasil, July 30, 2003.

Mateo 25 y Perspectivas Teológicas de la Migración de los indocuentados
Mexican American Cultural Center
San Antonio, Texas, July 24, 2003.

Matthew 25 and the Mexican Immigrant Experience
Diocese of Tucson
Tucson, Arizona, July 17, 2003.

The Role of Theology in A Globalized World
Panelist in Live Teleconference Between Theology Faculty of Fribourg University and Universidad Iberoamerica (Mexico City)
Fribourg University, Switzerland, May 5, 2003.

International Symposium: Semana Santa, Cofradías y Pasos
(Participant) University of Salamanca and Archdiocese of Seville
Seville, Spain, April 13, 20, 2003.

Pastoral, Spiritual and Cultural Dimensions of Mexican Migrants in the United States
Memorial Hospital
South Bend, Indiana, April 22, 2003.

The Option for the Poor and the Liberation of the Heart
St. Mary’s College
Notre Dame, Indiana, March 23, 2003.

Juan Diego: Modelo De Conversión
Los Angeles Religious Education Congress
Los Angeles, California, March 1, 2003.

Inmigración y Espiritualidad
Los Angeles Religious Education Congress
Los Angeles, California , February 28, 2003.