Links to Professor Lindley's Handouts



How to read books and articles:  What causes what?


How to write papers from me and from MIT's Professor Van Evera: (goes well with the next link on making an argument. Also, applying the "how to read..." handout to your own work should help you write and make arguments)

How to Write Policy Memos, several links from top universities:  How to Write Policy Memos.pdf

How to make a theoretically informed argument:

Diagnosis/list of common paper problems:

An exemplar summary/roadmap introduction (thanks to Scott Sagan and IS). See how it's done: Here are two more from students:

Comment decoder (find out what awk, r/w, coll, etc mean):

A copy of the checklist that I require be attached to papers written for my classes:

Sample grading template for Lindley papers: Lindley Sample paper grading template.htm

Here is a good link that explains how to formulate citations:

ND Writing Center: more advice links and tutors ready to help:  Go Get Help!

More writing help:


How to Start and Conduct Research for Research Papers (aka: get thee to the library):

Advice on the relationship of the head to the heart when doing policy analysis:

Presenting and Participating

How to give oral presentations and Job Talks:

Myths and fears about class participation:

Advice on How to Attend Academic Conferences: Advice on Attending Academic Conferences      Conference Fun

Professional Advice, including my letter of recommendation policy


How to write cover and application letters:

Letter of recommendation policy:

How to Succeed in Jobs and Internships:

How to be a good graduate student (and get a job):

Teresa Lawson's excellent piece on how to write for International Security (applies to any worthy journal): TL IS writing guide.pdf

I also have a handout on how to teach and be a TA which I will email on request to those serving or about to serve.  Not this one on grading, though

International Relations Stuff

The Reading List for graduate students studying for the IR comprehensive exam:

Guidance Statement for those taking the IR comprehensive exam:

An overview of some of the core theories and concepts used in IR and AFP:

An explanation of the prisoner's dilemma and other aspects of game theory to help understand cursory references to these concepts in the readings:

Copies of IR Field Seminar Syllabi from Celeste Wallander at Harvard, and Helen Milner at Columbia: Also, the Univ. of Chicago's IR reading list, via Charles Lipson: See more top IR syllabi here: and USFP syllabi here:

War Prediction Table:

I try hard to keep nearly half my students above average.













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