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Blog series for Breastfeeding Week 2011

Post #1 discusses why you should care about breastfeeding, no matter who you are.

Post #2 discusses assumptions about infant formula that are wrong.

Post #3 discusses myths about infant formula.

Post #4 discusses the TREMENDOUS benefits of doing what is normal: breastfeeding.

Post #5 addresses myths about breastfeeding.

Post #6 discusses real truths about breastfeeding.

Post #7 provides links to resources for breastfeeding.

Post #8 summarizes the prior posts' main messages in blunt terms--Is Pushing Formula Evil?

Post #9 responds to critical comments of Post #8.

Breastfeeding Week 2012

Stand Up For Breastfeeding

Talk About Breastfeeding With Your Family, Friends and Doctor


Brochure for Medical Professionals:

Facts about Feeding Babies (for medical professionals)  Brochure  References


More Resources

St. Joseph County Breastfeeding Coalition (has resources)

La Leche League

Feeding  Your Baby: What you and your family need to know    References