Sotware Tools

Source code is available through my lab's GitHub repository. Sources recently made public include:

  • CVFES - Python-based multi-physics ensemble finite element solver designed to study complex fluid-structure interaction phenomena under uncertainty. It is based on explicit time integration and an efficient openCL implementation. Repository, Paper.

  • supplMatHarrod20 - Data and model implementation repository for our recent paper Predictive modeling of secondary pulmonary hypertension in left ventricular diastolic dysfunction. Repository, Paper.

  • mriFilter - Tool for manipulation of velocimetry data on structured acquisition layouts. It also contains an implementation of the Sequential Matching Pursuit filter (SMP filter) discussed in A matching pursuit approach to solenoidal filtering of three-dimensional velocity measurements, Journal of Computational Physics, 263, 206–221, 2014. Repository, Paper

  • feMorph - C++ object-oriented implementation of a traditional finite element solver. In combination with mriFilter application, it can estimate relative pressures from velocimetry data through the solution of a Poisson pressure equation. Repository, Paper.

Stay tuned for more tools coming soon…