SocialSens 2019: Fourth International Workshop on Social Sensing, Montreal, Canada

In conjunction with the ACM/IEEE CPS Week:


SocialSens 2019 invites researchers and engineers from academia, industry, and government to present recent advances in both theoretical and experimental research on social sensing topics. This effort stems from the observation that social networks can be viewed as new types of “sensors” that carry information on what happens in the physical world. There is therefore much benefit from an exchange of ideas between the relevant communities from physical and social backgrounds, including sensing, data fusion/mining, signal processing, social networks, cognitive modeling, computational social and behavior science, and IoT/CPS, among other topics. In particular, we are interested in efforts that combine, or point towards combinations, of advanced quantitative modeling with rigorous social and behavioral science theory. Social sensing advances the foundations of data collection and processing that exploits social and physical sources. At present, no forum brings those communities together. SocialSens aims to become one such forum.

Topics of interest include:

  • Social sensing
  • Ubiquitous, mobile and pervasive sensing
  • Participatory and opportunistic sensing
  • Urban sensing
  • Data reliability in social sensing
  • Privacy and security in social sensing
  • Social networks as sensor networks
  • Social signal processing
  • Information and coding theory
  • Information processing and knowledge discovery from sensor data
  • Sensing unstructured data
  • Cyber-physical-systems with human-in-the-loop
  • Machine learning on social sensing data