The Modeling Component (MATERHORN-M)


This will study the predictability at mesoscale, in particular, the error growth (i.e., the sensitivity to initial conditions at various lead times), and develop meaningful measures of skill relative to appropriate conditional climatologies (i.e., the skill of capturing specific phenomena when they are supposed to appear; e.g., turbulence generation when a Richardson number criterion is satisfied). Sensitivities to input properties and boundary conditions will be investigated. Data assimilation studies will be conducted, and different techniques (e.g., 4DVAR, ensemble Kalman filtering, 3DVAR) will be compared.


"If you are planning to use instruments with wireless capabilities please let me know so I can send you the DPG Spectrum Request form. We need to get approval for use of all needed frequencies."
- Dr. Dragan Zajic (; 435-831-5359)