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The Kick-Off Program

PDF Version of Program here

Purpose: To officially start the project by introducing ourselves to stakeholders, collaborators and program managers. A visit to the main experimental site, Dugway Proving Ground, is planned.

Presentations: Each research group is expected to give an overview of their planned work and ongoing work (as a result of June 1st funding start). Please have a slide on all personnel involved, at least partly supported by the project.

September 7, Wednesday - Field Day

6:15 am - We will meet at the DPC Office near the SLC airport (Byrd Center) to travel to Dugway. The trip is to last most of the day. The bus will leave at 6.30am. The map is here.

Special Notes:
Dugway will arrange Subway lunch boxes at a cost of $6.75 per box. Reservations are required, and please contact Dr. Dragan Zajic if you have not done so (dragan.zajic.civ@MAIL.MIL).

Outside cameras are strictly prohibited at Dugway. Dugway plans to provide a photographer. Please leave your cell phones at the hotel.

6:30 - 9:30 pm Social Gathering hosted by Mr. & Mrs. John Pace, Address: 2180 East 900 South, Salt Lake City, 84108; see page 2 for directions.

September 8, Thursday

Chair: Dave Whiteman
8:20 am - Welcoming Remarks (VP for Research, University of Utah)
8:30 - 8:40: Ron Ferek and Dan Euleterio (ONR Program managers)
8:40 - 9:10: Joe Fernando (Materhorn overview)
9:10 - 9:40: John Pace (Granite Mountain test bed)
9:40 - 10:00: Eric Pardyjak (Materhorn-X)

10:00 - 10:20: Coffee Break

Chair: Joe Fernando
10:20-10:40: Josh Hacker (Materhorn-M; predictability)
10:40-11:00: Tina Katopodes-Chow (Materhorn M: DNS and LES)
11:00-11:20: Stephen DeWekker (Materhorn-X: Airborne Doppler lidar and scale interactions)
11:20-11:40: Thomas Pratt (Materhorn-T: Remote sensing of moisture)
11:40-12:00: Jim Steenburgh (Materhorn M: Mesoscale modeling)
12:00-12:20: Z. Pu (Materhorn M: Data assimilation and ensemble forecasting)

12.20- 1.45pm: Lunch

Chair: Josh Hacker
1.45-2.15: Dave Whiteman & Sebastian Hoch (Materhorn X: Field studies)
2.15-2.35: James Doyle (Materhorn M: Lessons from T-Rex and all that)
2.35-2.55: Charles Retallack/ Pat Dunn (Materhorn-X: Moisture measurements/Lidar)
2.55-3.15: UAV Operation (Materhorn X: Mike Zenk/Scott Coppersmith)
3.15-3.35: Turbulence measurements (Materhorn X: Eliezer Kit)

3.35-4.00 pm: Coffee

Chair: Eric Pardyjak
4:00-4:30: General Comments - Program Managers and Advisory Committee
4:30-6:30: Experimental Planning Group: various logistical and science issues (Eric Pardyjak will lead the discussion). This is open to all interested parties.

Special topics for discussions:
• Operational plan
• Sharing data with NCAR during embargo (3 year embargo is planned)
• Use of electromagnetic transmitters/receivers - should coordinate with Dugway frequency manager (bring information about them)

Directions to Mr & Mrs. Paces' house:

From the Salt Lake City airport: get on I-80 headed east. Go about 14 miles to Exit 129, which is the Foothill Boulevard and Parley's Canyon exit. (Note: I-80 eastbound merges with I-15 southbound for about five miles. People will need to exit from I-15 onto I-80 East.) Exit 129 is a very sharp curve and is not well marked, so please pay attention and slow down.

The exit puts you onto Foothill Boulevard headed north. Go about three miles and turn right on 900 South, which is just past Hubbard Avenue. Go up the hill on 900 South two blocks, to the intersection with 2100 East. Our house is a two-story house with light brown brick and white siding, on the right side of the street (southwest corner of the intersection).

If you miss the turn onto 900 South, go to the traffic light, one more block north, and turn right onto Sunnyside Avenue. Go two blocks and turn right onto 2100 East. Go one block ahead to 900 South.

From downtown Salt Lake City, get onto 400 South and proceed eastward. The road goes up a steep hill, then bends to the right (southward) and then left (eastward again), becoming 500 South. Proceed about three miles on 500 South. The road will bend to the right and become Foothill Boulevard. You will pass Mario Capecchi Drive and Wakara Way, and then turn left at the next intersection, which is Sunnyside Avenue. Go up two blocks to 2100 East and turn right, then go one block to the intersection with 900 South.