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I use my Web site for testing things that I'm interested in. Right now I'm interested in CSS and SVG, so I've redesigned my home page in order to try out some things.

I used to do most of my HTML and CSS coding by hand, with a bit of assistance from SeaMonkey's HTML editor. (Now I use KompoZer for practically all of my Web page development.) I can't imagine anyone who hasn't at least heard of HTML and CSS. If you don't know what they are, or if you want to learn more about them, there's an excellent free site, W3 Schools, with tutorials and reference material.

It's less likely that you've heard of SVG — Scalable Vector Graphics.  If you use a Web browser that supports SVG, such as SeaMonkey or Firefox, the banner at the top of this page will be an SVG. If your browser doesn't support SVG, you'll see an identical PNG banner.

If you're curious about the font used in the banner, its name is Frazzed, created by Rich Gast. I created the banner itself using an open source program named Inkscape. I've only started using it, but it works very well. As long as I'm mentioning software, I'll plug my favorite Internet suite, SeaMonkey. It's standards-compliant, secure and free. What more could you want?

If you're inclined to e-mail me, feel free, unless you're a spammer.

         Name: Andy Boze, but will answer to 'most anything
office phone: office address: 208 Hesburgh Library : Notre Dame, IN 46556-5629 type: Faculty department: Hesburgh Libraries title: Associate Librarian

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