In 2013, there were an estimated 198 million cases of malaria worldwide resulting in 584,000 deaths [1]. Plasmodium falciparum is the intracellular parasite responsible for the majority of the world’s malaria morbidity and mortality burden in humans (estimated at 91%) and is primarily found in tropical regions of the world, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa which accounts for 81% of all malaria cases [1]. Efforts to control and eradicate malaria have been hampered by the accelerated evolution of drug resistance in the parasite. To date, the parasite has developed resistance to all major antimalarial drugs, raising concerns about the spread of drug-resistant parasites and the ability to effectively treat malaria [2]. Our research focuses on the genetics and genomics of Plasmodium falciparum using a wide array of tools and methods to gather biological insights into drug resistance and virulence of the parasite.

1. WHO: World Malaria Report 2014 Geneva: World Health Organization; 2014.

2. Enserink M: Malaria’s drug miracle in danger. Science 2010, 328:844-846.

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Richard Pinapati receives a First-tier Mention for the Young Investigator Award at the ASTMH 64th Annual Meeting

Cover art for Nature Methods

Notre Dame researchers part of team showing that 'humanized' mice can be used to study malaria

Sage Davis & Katrina Button-Simons awarded the Eck Institute for Global Health 2015-2016 Fellowship


Ebola Q & A with Mark Ferdig


Cover art for Genome Research

Lindsey Turnbull awarded the Eck Institute for Global Health 2013-2014 Fellowship

iCeNSA Spotlight

Richard Pinapati receives the 2013-2014 Chemistry-Biochemistry-Biology Interface (CBBI) Fellowship

Geoffrey Siwo to participate in NASA’s Singularity University


Geoffrey Siwo receives an Honorable Mention for the Young Investigator Award at the ASTMH 61st Annual Meeting

Richard Pinapati receives the 2012-2013 Chemistry-Biochemistry-Biology Interface (CBBI) Fellowship

Lindsey Turnbull awarded the Eck Institute for Global Health 2012-2013 Fellowship

Eck Institute for Global Health Fellow honored again for trajectory of success in Global Health research

Researchers using novel method to combat malaria drug resistance


Notre Dame group wins first place international systems biology competition

Notre Dame researchers discover dual-action compound for potential treatment of tuberculosis and malaria


Mark Wacker receives the 2010-2011 Chemistry-Biochemistry-Biology Interface (CBBI) Fellowship


Mark Wacker wins Young Investigator Award at The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) conference

Upeka Samarkoon & Geoffrey Siwo receive Genomics and Bioinformatics Fellowship Awards

Mark Wacker awarded Internship Travel Funds from CBBI

Mark Wacker receives the 2009-2010 Chemistry-Biochemistry-Biology Interface (CBBI) Fellowship


New papers offer insights into process of malarial drug resistance