Current Students

Ryan McCune
Dissertation proposal defended Spring 2014

Casey Ferris

Past Students

Cynthia Nikolai
Dissertation defensed planned Fall 2014
Title: SimEOC: A Virtual Emergency Operations Center (vEOC) Simulator for Training and Research (pdf)

Ying Zhou
Dissertation defended Summer 2013
Title: A Case Study of Collecting PDA-Based Geo-Tagged Malaria-Related Survey Data, and Agent-Based Entomological Model and Two Applications
Postition: Hewlett-Packard (HP), Entrerprise Security

S M Niaz Arifin

Dissertation  defended Summer 2013
Title: A Spatial Agent-Based Model And A Multi-Dimensional Data Warehouse For Malaria Research
Position: Research Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering, University of Notre Dame

Zhi Zhai
Dissertation defended Summer 2013
Title: Technology-Facilitated Crowdsourcing Systems

Matt Van Antwerp

Dissertation defended Spring  2013
Title: Temporal And Topological Analysis Of Open Source Software Networks

Aaron Huus
Masters thesis defended Spring 2013
Title: Modern Computing Paradigms: Mobile Applications and Infrastructure as Code
Position: Lockheed-Martin

James Gentile
Dissertation Defended Spring 2013
Title: Development, Verification And Usage Of A Model For The Primary Vector For Malaria
Position: MITRE

Ryan Kennedy
Dissertation defense completed Fall 2010
Title: Identification and Annotation of Transposable Elements and Agent- and GIS-based Modeling of Pathogen Transmission
Position: Post-doc, University of San Francisco, California

Alec Pawling
Dissertation defense completed Fall 2010
Title: Data Warehousing For Social Networking And Human Mobility Research And Detecting Real-World Events In Space And Time Using Feature Clustering
Position: Computational Scientist, Harvard University

Tim Wright

Dissertation defense completed Spring 2009
Title: Privacy and Integrity in Collaborative Virtual Environments
Dissertation proposal completed Spring 2008
Position: Research Engineer, Center for Research Computing, University of Notre Dame

Scott Christley
Dissertation defense completed March 2008
Title: Modeling and Simulation of Vertebrate Limb Development and Algorithms for Comparative Genomics
Dissertation proposal completed Spring 2006
Position: Research Scientist, University of Chicago

Tim Schoenharl

Dissertation Defense completed Summer 2007
Title: Creating, Updating and Validating Simulations in a Dynamic Data-Driven Application System
Dissertation proposal completed Spring 2006
Masters' Thesis defended Spring 2005

Xiaorong Xiang

Dissertation defense completed Spring 2007
Title: Service-oriented architecture for integration of bioinformatic data and applications
Dissertation proposal defended  Fall 2004
Master's Thesis completed: Spring 2003
Title: Agent-based Scientific Applications and Collaboration Using JAVA
Position: Research Scientist, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Jin Xu

Dissertation defense completed Spring 2007
Title: Mining and Modeling the Open Source Software Community
Dissertation proposal defended Fall 2003
Position: Financial Modeling Analyst with  Bank of America

Yongqin Gao
Dissertation defense completed Fall 2006
Title: Computational Discovery in Evolving Complex Networks,
Dissertation proposal defended  Summer 2004
Master's thesis defended: Fall 2003
Title: Topology and Evolution of the Open Source Community
Position: Financial Modeling Analyst with Nomura

Yingping Huang

Dissertation defended Spring 2005
Dissertation proposal defended Summer 2003
Master's Thesis defended 2002
Title: Infrastructure, Query Optimization, Data Warehousing and Data Mining for Scientific Simulation
Position: Associate Professor, University of Northern Alabama

Peter Meso 
Dissertation defense completed 2001
Topic: Knowledge Creating Infrastructures for Electronic Commerce
Position: Assistant Professor, Georgia State University

Jens Liegle
Dissertation defense completed 2000
Topic: Development and Evaluation of Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Just-in-time Learning
Position: Assistant Professor, Georgia State University

Madhavarao Raghunathan
Dissertation defense completed 1999
Topic: Firm Level Frameworks and IS Strategies for Electronic Commerce
Position: Assistant Professor, Bowling Green University

Susan Chinn
Dissertation defense completed Spring 1997
Topic: Temporal Extension and Framework for Expert Systems with Applications for Workflow Management Systems
Position: Associate Professor, University of South Maine (Portland)

Maha Muzumdar
Dissertation defense completed Fall 1997
Topic: Organizational Knowledge Management (OKM) Frameworks and a Case Study
Position: VP,  Manufacturing and Distribution Industries and Supply Chain Marketing, Oracle Corporation

Charlene Riggle
Dissertation defense completed Spring 1996
Topic: Implications of Chaos Theory for Decision Makers.
Position: Assistant Professor, University of South Florida (Sarasotta)

Mary Jane Lenard
Dissertation defense completed Spring 1995
Topic: Comparison of Logit Statistical and Neural Network Based Decision Support Tools
Position: Associate Professor, Meredith College

Scott Lloyd (with Geoff Steinberg)
Dissertation defense completed August 1995
Topic: Improved Algorithms for File and Database Organization
Position: Associate Professor, University of Rhode Island

Mohamed Nour
Dissertation defense completed: October 1994
Topic: Improved Clustering and Classification Algorithms for the Kohonen Self-Organizing Neural Network
Position: Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah, UAE

Matt McGowan
Dissertation defense completed: July 1994
Topic: Extent of Electronic Data Interchange implementation: An Innovation Diffusion Theory Perspective
Position: Department Chair, Associate Professor, Bradley University

 Y. Luk Chadbuchouchi
Dissertation defense completed: December 1992
Topic: Design and Evaluation of a Hypertext-Based Conceptual Data Model for GDSSs
Position: Research Analyst, Ernst & Young, Thailand

Vat Eschiakal (with Robert Smith)
Dissertation defense completed:  December 1992
Topic: A Hypertext System to Support Problem Solving: A Socio-Technical Perspective
Position: Associate Professor, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Suh Kang
Dissertation completed August 1991
Topic: Neural Networks for Time Series Forecasting
Position: Project Management, Agency of US Government

Barbara Osyk (with Ming Hung)
Topic: Use of Neural Networks for Fault Analysis in a Computer Integrated Manufacturing System
Dissertation completed Fall 1991
Position: Associate Professor, University of Akron

Antonis C. Stylianou
Dissertation successfully defended August 1989
Dissertation title:  Evaluation and Selection of Expert System Shells: An Empirical Approach
Position:  Professor, University of North Carolina - Charlotte

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