Geometry & Topology RTG

University of Notre Dame

This is the homepage of the Geometry and Topology RTG at Notre Dame, funded by the National Science Foundation. See here for a video about the topology group.

The following are some of the activities that are supported by this grant:

Undergraduate geometry & topology summer workshop

This is a week long event with a summer school component, where basic concepts in geometry and topology will be introduced, followed by a research conference aimed at more advanced undergraduates.

Mini workshops in geometry and topology

TaG survey series

These are short series of lectures focusing on a topic in geometry and topology.

Distinguished lectures

Math for everyone

This is a lecture series aimed at a general undergraduate audience, in order to broaden their exposure to mathematical ideas. The lectures have covered a wide range of subjects, from baseball to voting, and from origami to astronomy.

Directed readings

Undergraduate students are mentored by graduate students in pairs to learn material beyond their regular courses.

Bridge program

This program gives a head start to incoming graduate students to ensure success in our first year graduate courses, irrespective of their background.