Call for Proposals

Visiting Fellows Program
The Visiting Fellows Program is aimed at supporting research efforts that pertain to any aspects of nanoscience. The research grants distributed by ITS are intended to provide funding to jump start vigorous collaborative work that addresses directly key issues within the research themes.

Grant Application Process

Request for Proposals
The ITS Visiting Fellows Program invites proposals, and awards grants for Visiting Fellows.

Eligible Requests
We support the projects that are directly benefiting and have impact on the research conducted at the University of Notre Dame and Argonne National Laboratory. We encourage applicants to submit proposals for new projects; we do not make grants for ongoing projects. The Institute may award grants to proposals for partial support in case of research groups.

Grants requested are limited to a maximum of $ 15,000. This RFP is for one-time, short-term (three months, maximum) projects. In exceptional cases the Director might reappoint selected Fellows. No Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A) may be charged against this award at either ND or ANL or by the Fellows home institution.

Grant Review Process

Application Procedures
Please submit an application containing all of the items specified below, including all requested attachments. Please write your proposal in clear and - to the extent possible - non-technical terms, since the Academic Advisory Board members may or may not include reviewers with expertise in the field of the proposal.

The review of proposals will be performed by the Academic Advisory Board. The criteria used to review the proposal will be as follows:

  • How important is the proposed activity to advancing knowledge and understanding within its own field or across different fields?
  • How well qualified is the applicant (individual or team) to conduct the project?
  • What is the likelihood of success, as evidenced by reasonable project goals commensurate with the resources and time scale of the research?
  • To what extent does the proposed activity explore creative and original concepts?
  • How well conceived and organized is the proposed activity?

Application Contents
Your application must include:

ITS Cover Sheet with information indicated.
Letter of intention
Narrative (no more than five pages) that includes:

•  Project description
•  Abstract
•  Goals and objectives
•  Methods to be employed
•  Anticipated time for completion
•  Project budget


•  List of current and pending support (form available from ND Office of Research)
•  Curriculum Vitae (a two page maximum for PI and each Co-PI)
•  Support letters or endorsements (limited to a maximum of two)

All proposals should be submitted to:

Institute for Theoretical Sciences
225 Nieuwland Science Hall
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556

The deadlines for submission are:
•  May 30 for the Fall semester
•  October 30 for the Spring semester
•  February 15 for the Summer semester

225 Nieuwland Science Hall • Notre Dame , IN 46556 • Phone: 574.631.2668 • Fax: 574.631.5952 • Email