The lottery paradox (html) (pdf)

Goodman's new riddle of induction (html) (pdf)

Hume on induction (html) (pdf)

Pascal's Wager (html) (pdf)

Van Inwagen's incompatibilism (html) (pdf)

Frankfurt's compatibilist theory of free will (html) (pdf)

The determinist challenge to free will (html) (pdf)

Free will & divine foreknowledge (html) (pdf)

Swinburne's reply to the problem of evil (html) (pdf)

Mackie on the problem of evil (html) (pdf)

Hume's argument against miracles (html) (pdf)

Leibniz's cosmological argument (html) (pdf)

Aquinas' first and second ways (html) (pdf)

Hume's reply to the design argument (html) (pdf)

The design argument (html) (pdf)

Gaunilo's reply to Anselm (html) (pdf)

Anselm's ontological argument (html) (pdf)