Engineering Elastic Responses of Liquid Crystalline Materials

Liquid Crystalline Elastomers
Image of the local orientational domains formed in a model for side-chain liquid crystalline elastomers. Upon the addition of elastic stress, these merge into a single orientationally aligned phase.

Liquid crystals (LCs) are a fascinating state of matter exhibiting ordering between that of a liquid and a solid. Importantly, the equilibrium state of a liquid crystal is characterized by a global orienting vector, the director \(\hat{\mathbf{n}}\). These have a wide range of technological applications which exploit their liquid-like flow and orientational ordering, with especially exciting applications as exquisitely responsive biological sensors. These applications result from the orientational elasticity of LCs---local perturbations of \(\hat{\mathbf{n}}\) cost energy, which may be phrased in terms of a local free energy density.

Motivated by the recent use of liquid crystalline phases as templates for self-assembly and in novel sensing devices, our group seeks to establish useful models and structure-property relationships for liquid crystalline materials. We utilize powerful free-energy computation techniques to analyse the elastic properties and thermodynamic response of liquid crystalline materials. This includes the incorporation of particulates, impurities, surface stresses and mechanical deformations.

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