Group Members

Jon Jonathan K. Whitmer

Assistant Professor

PhD: University of Illinois, 2011
MS: University of Illinois, 2009
BS: Kansas State University, 2005

Curriculum Vitae
Graduate Students
Lab and Theory Hythem Sidky

2016 NSF Graduate Fellow
2017 Best Candidacy Award

BS: University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2011

General Thermodynamics,
Free Energy Methods,
Liquid Crystals and More.

Personal Website
Vikramjit Vikramjit Rathee

BS: University of Delaware, 2013

Conformations of Weak Polyelectrolytes,
Ion-separation Membranes,
Hybrid Monte-Carlo Methods

Michael Michael Quevillon

BS: University of Minnesota, 2015

Free Energy Mapping of Cluster Assemblies,
Ionic Liquid Crystals, and
Dimensionality Reduction Methods
Undergraduate Students
Aristotle (AJ) Zervoudakis

Coarse-Grained Models of Complex Coacervates

2016 NDNano Undergraduate Fellow (NURF)
2017 ND Energy Slatt Fellow
Nishi Kashyap

Computation of Material Elastic Constants

2017 NDNano Undergraduate Fellow (NURF)
Alisha Agarwal

Thermodynamics and Transport in Ionic Liquid Crystals

2017 NDNano Undergraduate Fellow (NURF)
Co-advised with Prof. Jennifer Schaefer
Dhagash Mehta, Research Assistant Professor (United Technologies)
Benjamin Sikora, Postdoc (Honeywell)
Jiahong Shen, iSURE Undergraduate from Fudan University (Northwestern University)
Catherine Drummond, Undergraduate (University of Notre Dame)