Jonathan K. Whitmer
Assistant Professor
Ph. D. University of Illinois, Physics, 2011
M. S. University of Illinois, Physics, 2009
B. S. Kansas State University, Mathematics and Physics, 2005
Research Interests: Everything
Curriculum Vitae

Postdocs and Graduate Students

Michael Quevillon
Graduate Student

B. S. University of Minnesota, 2015

Research Interests: Colloidal Assembly, Ionic Liquid Crystals, Free Energy Mapping, Dimensionality Reduction Methods

Vikramjit S. Rathee
Graduate Student

B. S. University of Delaware, 2013

Research Interests: Conformations of Weak Polyelectrolytes, Ion Separation Membranes, Hybrid Monte Carlo Methods

Anne C. Leonhard
Graduate Student

B. S. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 2017

Research Interests: Free Energy Computations, Drug Delivery

2017 Notebaert Graduate Fellowship
Jiale Shi
Graduate Student

B. S. Peking University, 2017

Research Interests: Liquid Crystals, Phase Transitions, Advanced Sampling Calculations

Undergraduate Students

Arsenii Panteleev
Class of 2020

Research Project: Ionic Liquid Crystals, Ion Solvation

2018 NDEnergy Slatt Fellowship

Group Alumni

Dr. Hythem Sidky
Graduate Student, 2014-2018

B. S. University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2011

Research Interests: Liquid Crystals, General Thermodyanmics, Free Energy Methods, Machine Learning, and more...

2016 NSF Graduate Fellow
2017 CBE Best Candidacy Award
Personal Website

Current: Ferguson Lab, U. Chicago IME
Dr. Benjamin J. Sikora
Postdoc, 2015-2016

Research Interests: Free Energy Methods, Polymer Physics, Metal-Organic Frameworks, Zeolites, Adsorption

Current: Honeywell
Dr. Dhagash Mehta
Research Assistant Professor, 2015-2016

Research Interests: Polynomial Homotopy Methods, Minimum Energy Configurations, Equations of State

Current: United Technologies
Aristotle J. Zervoudakis
Undergraduate Student, 2016-2018 (Class of 2018)

Research Project: Coarse-Grained Models of Complex Coacervates and Weak Polyelectrolytes

2016 NDNano Undergraduate Research Fellowship (NURF)
2017 NDEnergy Slatt Fellowship

Current: Graduate Student, University of Minnesota
Soren Kyhl
Undergraduate Student, Summer 2017 (Class of 2018)

Research Project: Free Energy Mapping of Cluster Assemblies

Current: Graduate Student, University of Chicago
Joseph Sabat
Undergraduate Student, 2017-2018 (Class of 2018)

Research Project: Binding Free Energy Calculations
Catherine Drummond
Undergraduate Student (Class of 2018), 2016

Research Project: Host-Guest Drug Delivery Complexes

Nishi Kashyap
NDNano Undergraduate Research Fellow (IIT Delhi), 2017

Research Project: Elastic Properties of Fluctuating Biological Membranes

Alisha Agrawal
NDNano Undergraduate Research Fellow (IIT Delhi), 2017

Research Project: Phase Behavior of Ionic Liquid Crystals (co-advised with Jennifer L. Schaefer)

Jiahong Shen
iSURE Summer Student (Fudan University)

Research Project: Elastic Properties of Fluctuating Membranes

Current: Ph. D. Student at Northwestern University