My research evaluates, improves, and develops statistical methods, primarily for areas in which psychological, behavioral, or social data are of interest. My primarily research areas are the design of research studies and the analysis of data. Most of my work involves the interplay between effect size, confidence intervals, and sample size planning. My research depends heavily on statistical computing, with most of the methods I have developed implemented in the MBESS R package. In addition to my methodological work, I collaborate in a variety of areas in which I develop needed or apply advanced or nonstandard methods to important problems. An important application of my work is business analytics, where psychological, behavioral, or social data is often of interest.

See the new edition of Designing Experiments and Analyzing Data: A Model Comparison Perspective (3rd edition) and its accompanying website at DesigningExperiments.Com.

                    Ken Kelley, PhD

Edward F. Sorin Society Professor of

IT, Analytics, and Operations and

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research

         Mendoza College of Business

             University of Notre Dame

           Notre Dame, Indiana 46556