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College of Engineering Collegiate Associate Professor of Computational Mechanics

Director of Center for Shock-Wave Processing of Advanced Reactive Materials (C-SWARM)

Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
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Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
University of Notre Dame
367 Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering
Notre Dame, IN 46556-5637
Phone: +1-574-631-1376
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Short Curriculum Vitae

    Research Interests

    image Computational Mechanics and Physics, Computational Science and Engineering
    image Multi-time, Multi-scale, Multi-physics Modeling of Complex Systems   
    image Statistical Micromechanics, Statistical Materials Learning Techniques
    image Experimental and Numerical Microtomography Based Modeling of Materials
    image Numerical Methods and Nonlinear Mechanics
    image High Performance Parallel Computing
    image Optimization Techniques

Recent News

The recent review article entitled "A Review of Predictive Nonlinear Theories for Multiscale Modeling of Heterogeneous Materials", published in the Journal of Computational Physics (JCP) is featured on the ScienceDirect as the Most Downloaded Article in JCP.

Recent Scientific Discoveries

In our new article, we present an innovative image-based modeling technique, based on the volumetric billboards -- Google Earth like algorithms -- to effectively resolve intricate material morphology and address the computational complexity associated with heterogeneous materials.

Notre Dame
Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
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