Left to right: C. Thomas, C. Ratycz, K. Carothers, R. Flaherty, S. Freed, P. Fields, C. Park, T. Kane R. Reis, J. Luchetti.
Back: C. Ratycz, S. Freed, C. Thomas, J. Luchetti, C. Park, T. Kane
Front: K. Carothers, R. Flaherty, P. Fields, R. Reis
The Lee Lab after wrapping Christmas presents for the North Central Indiana YWCA gift drive.
Left to right: S. Freed, R. Flaherty, S. Pandey Joshi, C. Thomas, J. Hodgens, T. Kane, D. Higashi.
SEM by D. Higashi depicting Group A Streptoccus (blue) and mammalian red blood cells (pink). One red blood cell has begun to swell and will soon pop!
Lee Lab Cupcakes
Where the elite meet to eat sweet treats (cupcakes courtesy of C. Park).
Jeff at CoS-JAM
J. Luchetti presents his research on Streptolysin S mechanism of action at the Notre Dame College of Science Joint Annual Meeting.
K. Carothers Science Alive
K. Carothers quizzes visitors for prizes at the 25th annual Science Alive event at the St. Joseph County Public Library.
S. Freed Science Alive
S. Freed talks to visitors about the microbes that make aged cheeses tasty at the 25th Annual Science Alive at the St. Joseph County Public Library.
The diverse world of the skin microbiome.