Advanced Control Systems (EE 60655)

University of Notre Dame

Spring 2025 - Enroll in EE60655 section 01 - TBA

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Description: This is graduate level course on the regulation of dynamical systems about a fixed operating point. The first part of the course develops the generalized regulator problem for linear systems and presents model-based methods for controller synthesis (loopshaping, LQG, H-infinity). The second part of the course presents model-based methods for regulating nonlinear systems using feedback linearization, Lyapunov redesign methods, and passivity-based methods. The third part of the course presents recent work in data-driven control. Prerequisites for this course are graduate level course work in linear systems theory and random processes.

Grading: Homework 30% - Midterm Exams (2) 40% - Final Exam 30%
Instructor: Michael Lemmon, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, Fitzpatrick 264, lemmon at
Textbook: Lecture Notes (see vault)