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Charles de Koninck

Papers, 1934-1965.

6 linear feet.

Philosopher and theologian. Born in Belgium, he earned a Ph.D. at Louvain and an S.T.D. at Laval University in Quebec, where he served as a professor of natural philosophy from 1934 until his death.

Photocopies of correspondence, lectures, notes, and drafts; concerning evolution, science, education, logic, theology, natural philosophy, ethics, political theory, and metaphysics. Correspondents include Mortimer Adler, Eugène Babin, Georges Albert Boutry, R.E. Brennan, OP, Anthony Durand, Edgar and Georgette Guay, Henri Guindon, SMM, Waldemar Gurian, Aurèle Kolnais, Jacques de Monleon, John and Jean Oesterle, and Yves Simon. Source: Université Laval, Quebec. In French, English, and Latin.


  1. Logic
  2. Natural Philosophy
  3. Mathematics
  4. Metaphysics
  5. Theology
  6. Ethics
  7. Political Theory
  8. Varia
  9. Correspondence (A - Do)
  10. Correspondence (Du - Z)
  11. Published Works
  12. Etc.


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