Jacques Maritain Center

The Physical System of St. Thomas


Father Giovanni Maria Cornoldi, SJ.

translated by

Edward Heneage Dering

Translator of "On Universals," and "Political Economy"
Author of "Freville Chase," "The Ban of Maplethorpe,"
"Memoirs of Georgiana Lady Chatterton," &c.
London and Leamington
Art and Book Company
New York, Cincinnati & Chicago: Benziger Bros. 1893


  1. The essence and nature of corporeal substances
  2. Materia prima
  3. Substantial form
  4. Nature
  5. Creation
  6. Atoms
  7. Seminal causes
  8. Qualities
  9. Attraction
  10. Physical laws
  11. Why the physical system is so called
  12. The physical system with respect to physics in general. the nature of this science
  13. Mechanical inertia and physical activity of bodies
  14. Objections against the doctrine proposed
  15. Action at an absolute distance
  16. Motion
  17. The principle, "Quod movetur ab alio movetur, et primum movens est immobile"
  18. The mutability of extension
  19. Why the physical system is supposed to be in opposition to physics
  20. On the divisibility of the continuous extended
  21. Ether
  22. Chemistry
  23. Elementary atoms
  24. The matter and form of elementary substances are really distinct
  25. An elementary substance is chemically simple
  26. The "mixtum," or the chemical compound. affinity between the elements
  27. The "mixtum," or chemical compound, has a nature specifically different from that of its components
  28. What is meant by substantial transformation
  29. The common sense of mankind is in favour of a belief in the true substantial transformation of the elements
  30. The substantial transformation of the elements is proved by facts
  31. Opposition to the doctrine of substantial transformation

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