JMC : Saint Thomas Aquinas / by Raïssa Maritain

XII The Silver Net

BROTHER WILLIAM DE TOCCO was charged with writing the life of Thomas Aquinas. While writing it he prayed Saint Thomas to help him and to light him from heaven.

Then he was shown in a dream a net of silver and gold, with precious stones set in the knots of the net.

The silver was the marvellous intelligence of Saint Thomas, all the gifts of his genius. And the gold was his love of God, of the truth, and of souls.

Intelligence and love went into the making of the net that he cast, angelic fisherman, into the immense ocean of being.

And he brought back the truth that shines in his writings, glittering and changing, like the colour of precious stones.

They also signify the brightness of his sainthood, all the virtues that made him so lovable.

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