JMC : Saint Thomas Aquinas / by Raïssa Maritain

XIII The Charity of the Saint

MORE than all else in the world he loved the Lord God, he gave Him his entire life. He worked only for the Lord. He spoke to men of nothing but God.

And he greatly loved his neighbour. He loved us all, since he gives to all who desire it the bread of wisdom and knowledge.

Because man does not live only by the kind of bread that the baker makes. But also by truth, divine and human.

But to those that knew him, Saint Thomas gave not only beautiful sermons and books, but also his heart, his devotion, and love.

"Of gentle speech, easy to approach, marvellously good in his innermost being, thoughtful and gracious to all, generous in his acts, shining with charity and tender piety." Such was Saint Thomas.

"No one could approach him without receiving the grace of spiritual joy." This is the testimony of those that knew him.

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