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The Collected Works of Jacques Maritain

to be published by the University of Notre Dame Press

Now Available:
The Degrees of Knowledge
(Volume VII)

In The Degrees of Knowledge, Jacques Maritain provides a panorama of human intellectual activity, first distinguishing philosophy of nature and experimental science, making clear the distinctiveness of metaphysics, writing with authority of the mystical life as different from all of the above, and, in the very course of making these distinctions, showing how they are hierarchically related and united. It is a magnificent and sapiential achievement. It has rightly been called Maritain's Summa.

The Degrees of Knowledge better than any other single work of Maritain, displays the comprehensiveness and range of his interests. Its author takes his inspiration from Thomas Aquinas, reargues his basic positions in the light of the problems posed for them in the twentieth century, and ends by writing a profoundly original work.

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