Combined Graduate/Undergraduate

MGT 40580/76910 - Innovation Studio

A team of Notre Dame students will be formed to explore issues and gain experience in interdisciplinary design by participating in a team-based design project. The design team will be composed of students from engineering, business, industrial design, anthropology, sociology, and psychology. The team will be exposed to all phases of the concept design and innovation process. The project team will work with a local health care provider and design professionals during the semester as they work through the first phases of the product design process to develop an innovative healthcare concept. In 2010 we partnerned with Memorial Hospital (South Bend) and IA Collaborative to design a new brain health initiative for women.


MGT 70420 - Innovation and Design

This class explores how to do innovation, both at the individual level (how can we become more innovative) and organizationally (how can we make the organizations we lead more innovative). It starts with a very basic definition of innovation as, "new ideas that matter", and then spends the semester developing a much richer and more nuanced understanding of what that means and how to do it well. Students learn about innovation as much by living it as by studying it. Innovation requires heightened abilities to notice, remember, unlearn, see, hear, recognize, and understand. Innovation involves curiosity, wonderment, inquisitiveness, synthesizing, linking, probing, exploring, experimentation, prototyping. It also involves risk taking. Nothing ventured, nothing gained applies to innovation too. Some terms are absent from the list above: closed-mindedness, narrow thinking, habits, conventional or accepted wisdom, common practice, as well as words like combativeness, arrogance, self-interest, mean-spiritedness, and small-mindedness.

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MGT 40424 - Innovation and Design

Innovation is about creating new ideas that have a positive impact. It requires thinking differently about the world around us. In this class, I discuss the key principles and the innovation processes that lead to breakthroughs and the practices that make them work. My students learn about design and design thinking in ways that can be used to solve big problems in a human centered way. The class web site is located at